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Kazzy [userpic]
Rules and FAQ
by Kazzy (kazzy)
at August 4th, 2012 (06:19 pm)


*Play nice. Not everyone is going to love what you love, not everyone is going to hate what you hate. This will only work if we all try to get along.

*All spoilers must be behind a cut. All casting news, plot spoilers, filming shots, rumours and speculation should go behind a cut with a warning for your post. For episode spoilers, everything goes behind a cut for 7 days after the episode airs in the US.

*Stay on topic. All posts should be about Snow White/Mary Margaret, Prince Charming/David, Emma Swan and Henry Mills. For fic and art posts other characters are of course allowed, but the focus should still remain on one of the above.

*Anything goes. Meta/discussion, speculation, rumours, art, icons etc., fanfiction, show news, actor news.

*Warnings ahead. Please warn for spoilers, as well as any explicit content (for fic and art).

*Save our friends pages Put any large images behind a cut. For icons post a teaser of no more than 5 images. For fanfiction put the body of the fic behind a cut (anything in your header is probably be OK).

Anything else? Please ask.